SRU Minor Release Exception for Ceph

Soren Hansen soren at
Thu Feb 28 00:49:35 UTC 2013

2013/2/27 James Page < at>:
>> If not, have you given any thought to how you'll handle the
>> situation where our release cycle doesn't line up well with
>> upstream's LTS releases?
> If this does happen we would just stick with the most recent LTS
> release available.

Ok, works for me.

>>>> Ubuntu Ceph Testing - -------------------
>>>> In addition, we are currently setting up regular testing of
>>>> Ceph 'standalone' in multi-node configurations to support more
>>>> in-depth testing of ceph itself.  This will include basic smoke
>>>> testing of key components to start with and may expand to
>>>> include executing upstream regression tests on the packages we
>>>> publish/propose for inclusion in the Ubuntu archive.
>> I think this is a must-have. If upstream already has a good test
>> suite, we should as far as possible be using that in our testing as
>> well.
> Agreed - I will work on this.  Would basic smoke testing be sufficient
> for a provisional MRE?

If doing the whole thing would cause a significant delay, then yes,
basic smoke testing is ok, as long as there's a genuine effort
afterwards to get the full test suite added.

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