SRU Minor Release Exception for Ceph

Martin Pitt martin.pitt at
Mon Feb 25 16:02:26 UTC 2013

Hello James,

James Page [2013-02-08 14:47 +0000]:
> I'd like to apply for a Minor Release Exception for the Ceph package.

Thanks for the detailled testing plan. This seems quite appropriate to
me in general, I just have some further questions:

> LTS release updates are made after some time has passed (to allow
> testing) or if a particularly critical bug needs to get out to users.
> Updates to LTS releases are numbered with a minor point release
>    Argonaut: 0.48.1, 0.48.2, (0.48.3 released but pending SRU)
>    Bobtail: 0.56, 0.56.1, 0.56.2

So quantal ships the argonaut series, raring the bobtail series. To
which Ubuntu releases does this MRE apply to? Ubuntu 12.04 LTS ships
0.41 -- is that also an upstream supported release, or do you propose
to update precise to 0.48? (That would then not be a microrelease any

> Proposed SRU Approach
> - ---------------------
> SRU updates for Ceph in Ubuntu will be aligned to the associated LTS
> release of Ceph:
>     12.10 -> Argonaut 0.48.x
>     13.04 -> Bobtail 0.56.x

This seems to indicate that you don't plan on updating 12.04 LTS.
That's fine, I'd just like some confirmation as Ubuntu 12.04 seems to
be a much more popular server target than quantal or even raring at
this moment?

Assuming that you really only want to update to the new upstream
microreleases, +1 from me for a provisional MRE (i. e. doing a test
run with an SRU to a new upstream microrelease).


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