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Jack Yu yj_1325 at 163.com
Wed Feb 27 07:15:54 UTC 2013

Hi Pitt,

Thanks for your response.

>Hello Jack,
>Jack Yu [2013-02-21 21:26 +0800]:
>> We updated the Wiki page according to your comments. Would you
>> please check it? Thanks. see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuKylin,.
>Thanks for the updates! Some comments:
>fcitx vs. ibus:
We have done a small-scale investigation at our university, and most students prefer to fcitx.
I have created a blueprint at https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/desktop-s-inputmethod-ibus-or-fcitx. We are investigating the influence and modification needed on input configuration, and we will update soon.

>  * "it provides more efficient and intelligent input experience"
>    .. compared to what? ibus with sunpinyin/googlepinyin etc.? This
>    still doesn't describe how you want to fix the indicator,
>    control-center, language-selector etc. wrt. input configuration,
>    as they all assume ibus.

>  * "it provides skin options and more developing input engines, such
>    as cloud-pinyin and google-pinyin"
>    This suggests that fcitx also just uses the various Pinyin input
>    flavours, which ibus wraps as well?
>System assistant:
We want to provide an simple but complete GUI tool for users to view and manage their systems, which should be welcome by most common or nonprofessional users. There are some reasons for this: 1) We want to promote Ubuntu/UbuntuKylin to more and more Chinese users, and most of them are nonprofessional users, also not Linux funs. Hence, we should provide tools helping them managing their Ubuntu/UbuntuKylin easily. 2) Some commercial tools like this, for example, 360 softwares (http://www.360.cn/) on Windows and mobile phone, are already very popular in China, if we want those users switch to Ubuntu/UbuntuKylin, they will always ask for this tool as well. 3)  Some softwares are already developed to support a subset of functions we proposed, such as gnome-system-monitor, computer-janitor, and so on, but none of them could satisfy all our requirements.

>  * "show processes of system, show task list;  show the running
>    information, such as memory, CPU, disk, etc"
>    gnome-system-monitor does all that and is installed by default. So
>    perhaps this just reduces to making this more discoverable?

>  * "manage tasks that auto-booting, to speed up booting time"
>   We once had a GUI for this, but it got removed because too many
>   users wrecked their system with it. With both my TB and Desktop
>   hats on I would not recommend adding an UI to manage upstart
>   jobs, it's a guarantee for people to shoot themselves into the
>   foot. If there are particular bottlenecks during boot, they should
>   be fixed instead of switching off potentially crucial
>   functionality IMHO.
>  * "scan and remove garbage files"
>    As already discussed, having a GUI like computer-janitor would be
>    highly useful indeed.
>  * "mount/unmount/manage mobile devices"
>    Not sure what this is about, but for creating, formatting,
>    mounting etc. there is GNOME disks already installed by default.
>    mobile devices should be covered by gvfs mostly (PtP, MtP, UMS).
>These details don't necessarily all need to go to the main UbuntuKylin
>page of course. Do you have some subpages for the individual goals, or
>perhaps LP blueprints/bugs?
Yes. I have modified the UbuntuKylin wiki and created a blueprint at https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/desktop-s-system-assistant. Shall we discuss this on the blueprint? Thanks.
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Jack Yu
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