Giving upload rights to non-Ubuntu members

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Fri Aug 2 14:26:49 UTC 2013

Hello all,

as I can't join the next meeting, my vote by email.

Iain Lane [2013-07-22 21:07 +0100]:
> The Developer Membership Board (DMB) has developed a proposal to allow for the
> granting of per-package upload rights to individuals without the (currently
> implicit) granting of Ubuntu membership. The intention is to lower the barrier
> to entry as we would no longer need to assess against the "significant and
> sustained contribution" threshold, which is commonly understood to mean six
> months of active participation in the Ubuntu community. We'll be able, for
> example, to give greater weight to upstream contributions or to participation
> in other distributions (essentially, to concentrate on technical skill).

It makes sense to decouple membership from PPA for those "occasional
fix" types, i. e. what we intend to by letting DDs who ask for it
upload their packages to Ubuntu. Either these people are satisfied
with that, or this could be a means to get said credentials for
"sustained contributions" and eventually reach ~u-member status.

+1 on this provided that memberships have to be regularly renewed and
that CoC still needs to be signed, but both of these points have
already been discussed in the thread and agreed upon.


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