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Martin Pitt martin.pitt at
Fri Jun 22 04:45:46 UTC 2012

Hello Sebastien,

Sebastien Bacher [2012-06-05 16:02 +0200]:
> The SRU team suggested that the desktop team should apply for a SRU
> MRE for GNOME to ease SRU work for precise (and other series) so
> there we go. GNOME used to have a standard feature freeze exception
> in Ubuntu and got granted MRE for lucid. Their schedule is reliable
> and they have ui, string and feature freezes on stable series.

We got three +1, and actually one would have been enough as per SRU
policy. However, for such large projects I appreciate having had a few
more opinions here.

I added it to the MRE page now:

I hope I caught the difference between "what is released with GNOME in
the usual cadence" and "what is hosted on", as we want the
former, but certainly not the latter.



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