Build-in DNS cache support

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It's true that there is no built-in DNS cache support as we don't have
a name resolution *service*, but simply a name resolution library (in
libc). Is far as I'm aware, though, Firefox and Chromium both have
built-in DNS caches, so most (if not all) interactive Internet usage
already benefits from a DNS cache.

That is not to say that a DNS cache wouldn't be handy, though. I just
don't think it's a great concern for the general user experience.

2011/12/3 Mark Shuttleworth <mark at>
> Any merit to this suggestion?
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> As far as I know, Ubuntu does not have build-in DNS cache support, while
> Windows does. Beginners with static IP network sometimes will suffer
> from it, for Internet surfing will be very slow without DNS cache. This
> can be solved by install a DNS cache software such as dnsmaq, but I
> think this should be done before user get Ubuntu.
> Ubuntu should think more about common users. Think about it, a
> businessman use Ubuntu for the first time, but Internet is so slow in
> Ubuntu, he may quit right away and try Windows or Mac.
> Sorry for my English.
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