Not installing changelogs in 11.04

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Wed Nov 10 11:00:05 GMT 2010

Hello Stefano,

Stefano Zacchiroli [2010-11-09 11:42 +0100]:
> So, we might want to take this chance to discuss how to properly point
> users to where the work which is part of the packages they use come
> from. For instance, AFAICT we lack a standard (e.g. package fields) way
> to say where a package come from (i.e. is the "most upstream" maintainer
> Debian or Ubuntu?)

You mean the "most downstream" here?

> and who is the "most upstream" maintainer.

I think the machine readable copyright format would be an excellent
place for this. It already has a "Maintainer:" field, which is a bit
underspecified, though. I've seen packages where this has the Debian
maintainer (which would be redundant, as it is in debian/control,
and also often is a team), and the upstream maintainer.

This could be extended to be something like:

  Maintainer: Joe Upstream <joe at>
  Debian-Maintainer: Utopia Team <pkg-utopia at ..>

On the other hand we already have the distro maintainers in
debian/control. In Ubuntu we have moved the Debian maintainer to
XSBC-Original-Maintainer: and set Maintainer: to "ubuntu-devel at .."
for years already (as discussed years ago with Debian), so as long as
debian/copyright specifies the real upstream maintainer, all
information should be present already.

Or did you mean something different here?

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