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Sat Mar 13 17:16:02 GMT 2010

I haven't seen a followup on this; has anyone gotten back to you?  Colin is
probably best qualified to answer your questions.

On Mon, Feb 08, 2010 at 01:19:15PM -0500, Scott Howard wrote:
> Hello, I [1] am a member of motu-science [2,3]. We have 9 members, 4
> of which are ubuntu-dev, 1 should be ubuntu-dev but hasn't applied,
> one inactive, and the remaining three could probably be -contributor
> if they applied (including me). I believe we would be a good candidate
> for a "delegated development team [4]," if the team administrators
> decides to apply to become one. I, personally - not speaking for the
> team, am interested in seeing this happen and being a test-case for
> other teams. However, while considering how this development team
> would work, I have come across some questions/ideas as to the
> implementation and future of team delegation:
> 1) Right now MOTU is a delegated team, so universe developers are in a
> binary state: either you have upload access or you don't. Would being
> a member of a delegated team kind of be a "in-between" state (limited
> upload)? Do you see the following developer progression: new developer
> (everything sponsored) --> become -contributor (work with a
> development team, everything sponsored) --> get approved to a
> development team (upload access to that team) --> gain enough
> experience get approved to the MOTU delegated team --> eventual
> ubuntu-dev? Currently, the developer path skips the development team
> stage, so there really isn't an incentive to join a development team
> (except for bug mail, which is what I use it for). Or do you see two
> separate paths, a generalist (MOTU) and specialist (specific teams)?
> 2) It appears that the delegated teams should be made up of people who
> now currently do not have upload access, and give them upload access
> to a subset of packages. However, you need someone with upload access
> to properly vet applicants, sponsor uploads, and start the team. It
> seems like a "chicken and egg" scenario, unless teams are started and
> run by senior-level developers
> 3) Sponsorship for maintained packages will probably still go through
> universe-sponsors, so I assume individual teams be members of
> universe-sponsors. However, prospective members for teams should
> probably also subscribe the relevant team to have someone on the team
> review their work.
> If motu-science was to become a delegated team, what is the best way
> of doing that? I sent an email to the team to gauge interest, but if
> more senior developers don't initiate it, I don't think it will
> happen.
> Thank you.
> Regards,
> Scott Howard
> (please cc: me, I'm not on the list)
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