agenda topic for Feb 23 meeting: UEC/EC2 Refresh policy

Scott Moser scott.moser at
Fri Feb 12 01:55:08 GMT 2010

I would like to get a slot on the Technical Board agenda to finalize the
UEC/EC2 Images refresh policy [1].  This had been previously discussed at
the 2009-10-20 [2].  The outcome of which was:
A. smoser to redraft to take into account the feedback
 - ARI should be updated whenever necessary (easiest to just update
   always).  Lucid AMIs now do not have a ramdisk associated with them.
B. smoser to continue working on a system to allow users to find the right
 - I'm now publishing build information in a tab delimited format at
   [3] .  I've tried to describe it at [4] .  There is enough information
   to determine:
   - what is the latest build of a suite/build_type
   - is the current image based off of the most recent suite/build_type

I've also made changes to the release frequency.  Previously, it suggested
event based mechanism (based on security updates or time for 'apt-get
upgrade' to take place).  Instead that has been replaced with monthly
updates released unless not needed.

No disagreement has been raised from anyone, and I have agreement from
myself, Matt, Marjo and Ara, Jos.



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