Edubuntu Developers Delegation

Jonathan Carter (highvoltage) jonathan at
Thu Feb 11 18:24:05 GMT 2010


The Edubuntu Council[1][2] hereby applies for delegation of developers 
as outlined on the Ubuntu wiki[3] for the ~edubuntu-dev[4] team.

The ~ubuntu-core-dev[5] and ~developer-membership-board[6] teams have 
been invited to join the ~edubuntu-dev team. It's currently unclear[3] 
whether ~ubuntu-core-dev should be invited, but it can't do any harm so 
we have done so. Upon acceptance of the invitation, 
~developer-membership-board will be made an admin of the group.

Our policy[7] is based on the Kubuntu developers policy[8] which is 
clear and simple, we have only needed to make minor adjustments.

If you require any further information or actions from our side, we will 
happily oblige.

-Jonathan on behalf of the Edubuntu Council


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