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> I question that there are /as many illegal
> copies/ of Linux as of Winduhs, not that Linux illegality is possible.
> The failure to release source code is only on the distributor, not the
> user.  A copy that it is illegal for a distributor to distribute is
> still legal for the user to use, is it not?  The illegality is not the
> Linux, but the distribution.
> Cybe

In fact, upon further reflection I doubt that an illegal /version/ of
Linux is even possible.  The distribution (giving away, selling,
passing on) of a Linux copy may well be illegal, but the actual
software, the copy, can't be illegal if I am reading the GNU licenses
correctly. Once it is in the hands of the end user it is perfectly
legal.  The passing on of the copy is what is at question, not the
actual OS.
Therefore there cannot be /any/ illegal copies of Linux in China or


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