Microsoft is hiring a "linuxman"

Gilles Gravier ggravier at
Mon Jan 4 19:27:40 GMT 2010


On 04/01/2010 20:02, Samuel Thurston, III wrote:
> The position is filled, or at least the job is marked "no longer
> available" so I can't see the job description, but I'm betting it's
> more kernel-level compatibility stuff for virtualizing on Windows
> Server. You may recall that MS released some kernel patches middle of
> last year that were designed to help windows run better on xen, my
> money's on them staying with this direction for future server
> releases.
> I think it's probably a fine strategy for them, since virtual servers
> could mean more sales of Win7 Sever or whatever they're calling it
> these days.  And it's good for IT dept's too, because if you have to
> run Windows in your org. for corporate reasons, it's probably a good
> idea to virtualize (security, stability, etc.), and I would think that
> makes for an easier migration path to solaris or linux, phasing
> virtual servers would be significantly easier than the physical ones.

My guess is that thanks to this list (amongst others) it got a bit too
much publicity and they didn't want it known that they were looking for
that position. Now I regret not making a complete dump of that page for
my archives. :(


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