iso image too big for a CD

Douglas Neale doug at
Wed Feb 24 13:41:47 GMT 2010


I have downloaded the appropriate iso image of Ubuntu Studio for my 
computer(AMD64) and it is too big to burn to a CD.

I have tried burning it to a DVD but after booting and starting the 
install it dies out with a screenful of commands which do not mean 
anything to me.

There were no error messages that I could recognise as such, and  I did 
verify  the downloaded image against the listed checksum as per the site 
recommendation, and the burn was done with verification.

I tried again with the standard i386 version and got exactly the same 

The standard Ubuntu 9.10 installed perfectly from the magazine DVD apart 
from  my sound card not working (hence the urge to try Studio).

What do you think I am doing wrong!

Any advice gratefully received.


Doug Neale (Newbie to Linux)

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