And now for some vaguely on-topic off-topicality: OOo 3.2

David Gerard dgerard at
Mon Feb 15 14:38:25 GMT 2010

On 15 February 2010 10:23, Tero Pesonen <tero at> wrote:
> On Mon, 2010-02-15 at 11:01 +0100, Amedee Van Gasse (u2s) wrote:

>> > I have tended to use Excel simply because it starts in under a second
>> > from cold, whereas OOo Calc 3.1 takes seven seconds from cold.
>> > Let me tell you: that extra six seconds is approximately forever in
>> > user interface terms.

> Is it? How often do people actually launch OOo? I always keep it open on
> one virtual desktop precisely so that I need not load the application
> each time I have to do something. If you need to reboot regularly, then
> it is a whole another matter, of course, but that booting itself would
> be more of an annoyance to me than starting OOo on top of that.

For me, I start a spreadsheet when I need one and close it when I'm
done. Click-and-it's-on means I use Excel,
click-and-wait-seven-seconds means I don't use Calc.

Yes, preloading by hand means creating a new window will be faster ...

> More important for the user experience is how fast the office suite
> loads and saves large documents. This used to be an issue on OOo back in
> the 1.x days. OOo is much faster now. It can never quite match the speed
> of Word's native .doc operations due to the compressed nature of the ODF
> XML, but I would say it is now "fast enough" even on heavy documents.

Oh yes, saving used to be *painfully* slow and has been way better
since the 2.x series in my experience.

- d.

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