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> Hi Ubuntu users
> My English is really not very good
> I am somehow sure that Windows is dominant on the market
> Therefore you saw it at least
> You was using one of Ubuntu/Windows for more than month
> Then you saw the other OS
> The question is what you found different?
> What did strike you mostly about the other OS?
> my interests:
> I develop addons for Firefox using Notepad
> I am serious but sometimes watch movies and listen to music
> I play no games and sometimes do some picture editing
> my questions:
> >What is pretty more convenient in Ubuntu?
> >What is pretty more convenient in Windows?
> Please
> *Use my interest as orientation
> *Be simple
> I know no Linux words except for "Gnome".
> You can use some but use them not in short form and give links to
> their websites
This will answer your questions better than we could:

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