It�s Official � The FCC Will Vote to Take Over the Internet in December

Douglas Pollard dougpol1 at
Fri Dec 24 15:58:54 GMT 2010

On 12/24/2010 02:20 AM, Basil Chupin wrote:
>>>>>           I sail my own boat and have made several ocean crossings alone.  I
>>>>> >>>>>>  am sure no one here knows but the world has joined and made that illegal
>>>>> >>>>>>  activity.  I did not post this to be off topic but instead to show what
>>>>> >>>>>>  will almost surly happen to the Internet if we users do not fight
>>>>> >>>>>>  government intervention.
>>>> >>>>>  Sorry, until there is a world government, you bet that you cannot just
>>>> >>>>>  sail from any point to just any point in the world.
>>> >>>>  Did you mean "can" or "cannot"? Seems to me it should be "can".
>> >>>  Oh, you certainly can do so. You just have to deal with the coastguards.
>> >>>  I'd certainly have to answer if I get caught trying to sail out of Hong
>> >>>  Kong without informing the Marine/Immigration/Customs Department. So
>> >>>  unless Douglas is yapping about something else...we need a world
>> >>>  government to do away with a whole load of crap issues due to a divided
>> >>>  world.
> >>  That's one solution even I can't swallow.
> >>
> >>
     Ok guys I am not even going to comment on world Government since I 
have just discovered that I am a conservative zealot and as such we all 
know where I stand.
     I guess I made a mistake of giving an example of governmental 
intervention in my personal life on this list.   The girls single 
handing across an ocean are breaking international law. They could be 
arrested by any government official when they enter any port in the 
world.  I have a six pack captains license and I delivered boats back 
and forth across the Atlantic for buyers or sellers of boats and those 
that want there boat taken someplace so they can use it to vacation 
on..  If I do that today my license can be revoked.  Today If I  am to 
deliver a boat over a long distance across an ocean I have to take 
someone with me. That is the law!
     This appears to some of us zealots to be a step in controlling the 
high seas. Since the world is mostly ocean and is the only place that 
people can go to to escape Government, it should be controlled by some 
world organization. Heck, even the Antarctic has been devided up by the 
worlds Governements.    I don't think any 30 ft boat has ever sunk a 
ship and no boat sailing at 7 miles per hour is likely to sink any other 
boat. I guess they are protecting me from being run over by a ship?
     The government gave the phone companies the laws they needed to be 
a monopoly.  They tried to take the cable and cell phone advocates right 
to operate.  So the FCC was the very ones that faught against your 
ability to use high speed cable for anything. Had they and the phone 
companies had their way you would still be getting on line by the use of 
telephone wires.
     Companies smelling money began installing cable and selling it's 
use.  The FCC seeing it was backing a dead horse in the phone companies 
applauded cable and gave them a monopoly in the area they had installed 
cable. Now they have a Government given monopoly so the FCC has to 
control how they do their pricing. The cable companies now want to 
change the pricing structure to cover the huge cost of putting in 
hundreds of miles of cable to supply small towns with only a few people 
in them to pay the cable bill.  Why didn't the FCC install their own 
cables since they are so adept at running services like the Post Office 
and Amtrak at a profit?
      I would answer some other questions that have been put to me but I 
can't think of any.  I can only think of some name calling  I also 
cannot think of a single argument anyone has made to back up their point 
of view, that government should control the web in any or every way.
     My argument is why don't we try the providers solution as to how we 
pay for our Internet and if it sucks the government will be perfectly 
willing to jerk the whole thing away from the providers and give it to 
us free and raise the taxes to pay for it??  That way my year old mother 
inlaw has no computer can help pay for it.
     The Government can do this you know?  Companies had loaned General 
Motors billions. When the Government took it over without showing  any 
constitutional right at all to do it, it told without any authority the 
holders of those notes to go fly a kit. Then they divided the stock up 
giving organized labor huge portions of the debt free preferred stock.
      I have disagreed with liberals all my life, but I have yet to have 
an argument with one. I state my point of view and they call me names.  
I can't figure out what they believe in or even if they believe in 
anything except let the Government handle it.   Certainly they must 
believe in Something and I wonder what it is?                  Doug

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