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On Mon, Nov 23, 2009 at 7:46 PM, David Gerard <dgerard at> wrote:
> And Windows 95 is a Bizarro-ray clone of NeXTstep. (Which also became,
> of course, that well-known Unix interface Mac OS X.)

I see little resembling NeXTstep in Win95.  What are you smoking and
did you bring enough to share?  LOL

NeXTstep Screenshots:

Also, the UI of Mac OS X isn't anything like Win95 either.  Last I
looked Mac OS X doesn't have a Start Menu.  If you are talking about
the window decorations and buttons (maximize, restore, minimize and
close) they were a part of the original Macintosh operating system a
long time ago, and were later copied by Microsoft for their early
Windows releases (1.0 - 3.11).

Just about every window manager and desktop environment for Linux
copies that design.  A box like window for applications with a title
bar at the top with control buttons to one side.

And, you were partially correct about NeXTstep and Mac OS X.  NeXTstep
was going to be to the next major Apple operating system, the idea was
dropped though, but some of its technologies and design concepts were
adapted for Mac OS X.  The same goes for BeOS, which was another OS
that Apple considered but ultimately decided against.  Some ideas from
BeOS made it into Mac OS X also.

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