Installation of NTP wording

Kevin Hunter hunteke at
Mon Nov 9 23:44:21 GMT 2009

At 9:04am -0500 Mon, 09 Nov 2009, Derek Broughton wrote:
> While I agree that the package description should be more complete, I don't 
> have a problem with this being "scary".  End-users neither need nor, imo, 
> should install ntp.  The ntpdate installed by default should do the job.

Erm, unless I'm mistaken -- and I probably am -- ntpdate is not 
installed by default, or it's not enabled by default.  That's why you 
have to manually change "Configuration" to "Keep synchronized with 
Internet servers" (System -> Administration -> Time & Date).

When you do that for the first time (all via the GUI), here is the message:

   *NTP support is not installed*

Please install and activate NTP support in the
system to enable synchronization of your local
time server with internet time servers.

     [ Close ] [ Install NTP support ]

I don't know how Ubuntu decides to keep itself up-to-date after that, 
but I know that it does *not* do it until I go through this process and 
see that message.  At least as of Jaunty.  I didn't give Karmic a chance 
to get out of sync.  Maybe when I upgrade this laptop ...

Anyway, now that I look at the message, I think I may be raising a red 


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