Installation of NTP wording

Derek Broughton derek at
Mon Nov 9 14:04:43 GMT 2009

Kevin Hunter wrote:

> I went to install NTP, and noted that the wording ... could be a bit
> friendlier.  (I'm writing this email from another computer just now, so
> bear with me as I don't copy the wording exactly.)  In no place did the
> dialog explain what NTP is (Network Time Protocol); it did allude to
> keeping synchronized with the Internet, but I think it could be a little
> less opaque by simply defining NTP to be Network Time Protocol.
> To us this isn't a problem, but to an end-user that I'll liken to my
> father, most-things-computer are scary.  Having helpful signs, like the
> fairly innocuous words for which NTP stands, would be an easy usability
> and approachability improvement to make.

While I agree that the package description should be more complete, I don't 
have a problem with this being "scary".  End-users neither need nor, imo, 
should install ntp.  The ntpdate installed by default should do the job.

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