Linux Magazine Criticizes Karmic

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Sat Nov 7 05:37:05 GMT 2009

Op vrijdag 06-11-2009 om 01:19 uur [tijdzone +0000], schreef David
> There's one real and problematic phenomenon: a lot of old video
> chipsets are dropping off the edge of Xorg. They have too few
> developers, they're desperately trying to drag this cruft-encrusted
> 1990s code base into the twenty-first century and there are very few
> testers for the ancient chips. So many of them have broken, and no-one
> much notices until the distros release that version of X.
> i.e. your shiny new toys will work, but old stuff may well just stop.
> No-one thinks this is good, but there's not a huge amount that can be
> done about it.
> The one thing that occurs to me is:
> 1. Make the source build easier, so people can actually run the
> current git master.
> 2. Nightly builds.

Already exists, but probably "nobody" uses/tests it?

Jan Claeys

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