Linux Magazine Criticizes Karmic

David Gerard dgerard at
Thu Nov 5 22:25:17 GMT 2009

2009/11/5 Michael Haney <thezorch at>:

> I read a Linux Magazine article @
> called "Hey Ubuntu, Stop
> Making Linux Look Bad".  Has anyone else seen this article?  I've
> heard through other sources that Karmic has a lot of technical issues,
> most new Ubuntu releases do have a few, but nothing on this scale.
> Also, I've noticed the number of emails on the Ubuntu Support list
> have doubled recently.
> What do you think?  Lets share out thoughts on this.

I'm running 64-bit Ubuntu Karmic (plain straight off the CD) on my new
work laptop, a Toshiba Portege R600. It's working flawlessly.
Everything I've tested works. I'm particularly pleased as web reports
show this model giving annoying problems right up to 9.04.

(I'm also particularly pleased as (a) I got Notes to work on it  -
Windows version under Wine, I didn't have the Linux installer - and
(b) my boss thoroughly approves and will support my *vital need* for a
Unix main machine to our IT department, so I can get them to type in
the WPA key ...)

The tech press has been giving a *lot* of attention to Ubuntu 9.10,
particularly contrasting Windows 7 with it, so I would be unsurprised
if we're attracting a *lot* of n00bs. Though I don't know the numbers,
of course.

(Canonical should have an extremely good idea of how many
installations of Ubuntu are out there - considering that by default,
Ubuntu syncs the time to

- d.

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