Linux Magazine Criticizes Karmic

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Thu Nov 5 22:18:15 GMT 2009

Free speech is a wonderful thing, and I hope the people who are having
problems with Karmic will help us make Lucid even better.

Mike aka technoviking

On Thu, 2009-11-05 at 17:13 -0500, Michael Haney wrote:
> I read a Linux Magazine article @
> called "Hey Ubuntu, Stop
> Making Linux Look Bad".  Has anyone else seen this article?  I've
> heard through other sources that Karmic has a lot of technical issues,
> most new Ubuntu releases do have a few, but nothing on this scale.
> Also, I've noticed the number of emails on the Ubuntu Support list
> have doubled recently.
> What do you think?  Lets share out thoughts on this.
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