HUMOR: Canonical's goes too far with product placement on TV

Florian Diesch diesch at
Mon May 25 00:36:40 BST 2009

Kevin Cole <kjcole at> wrote:

> Taken from today's Washington Post "TV Week" section
> (Sunday, 2009.05.24) ...
>   ________________________________________________________
>   Wednesday, 9:00 (ABC 2, ABC 7)
>   NEW SERIES "The Goode Family":
>       Helen is upset when Bliss joins an abstinence group;
>       Ubuntu wants to get his driver's license.
>   ________________________________________________________
> The questions on every geek's mind: How did Ubuntu lose the
> license to his driver?  Which driver?  

Some proprietary hardware driver which Ubuntu isn't allowed to
distribute anymore?

> And when did he acquire a gender?  

genders is in universe at least since dapper

> And I don't even want to consider how Ubuntu relates
> to Bliss and abstinence... though I vaguely recall a programming
> language named "Bliss".

It's an old proof-of-concept Linux virus
(<>). "abstinence group"
maybe means alt.consciousness.abstinence. I guess Helen is a member of
this group and got upset when someone posted the Bliss source code there.


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