Why Linux is not (yet) ready for the desktop

Scott sclewin at sgaming.ca
Mon May 18 19:12:58 BST 2009

On May 18, 2009 01:21:40 pm Brian Fahrlander wrote:
> David Gerard wrote:
> > 2009/5/18 Brian Fahrlander <wheeldweller at gmail.com>:
> >> David Gerard wrote:
> >>> I particularly empathise with the sound one. Linux sound is all 
> >>> of stupid fucked up, in accreting shells of new sound systems 
> >>> claim and fail to completely emulate the previous sound 
> >>
> >>   Well, the sound system is in a state of change...and has been 
for some
> >> time. But I think PulseAudio is the way to go. Just making sound 
> >> is great...but what happens when you walk up with a USB 
headset? The
> >> bluetooth bud from your phone? And let's not forget the future.
> >
> > The catch comes when system N+1 claims backward compatibility 
> > system N (as Pulse does with ALSA) and fails to deliver in practice
> > (as Pulse does with ALSA). Same for ALSA and OSS. Not to 
mention all
> > the other attempts.
> >
> > Linux sound remains really quite remarkably fucked-up shit and if 
> > works the user is lucky and/or the distro has worked very hard 
> >
> >
> > - d.
>     Well, I must be spectacularly lucky; 
I must also be lucky as I have had no problems with sound except for 
a few minor glitches with Kubuntu the last few years.  Much less than 
the other OS's I have tried.

Also, is it possible not to use vulgar language on the list.

Your friend,

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