A couple of rants about Launchpad

Derek Broughton derek at pointerstop.ca
Fri Mar 6 14:42:07 GMT 2009

David Gerard wrote:

> I recently had to disrecommend Ubuntu on servers at work because the
> desktop dist-upgrade just isn't up to scratch IME, and that just
> doesn't bode well enough for servers. (Instead we're using
> RHEL/CentOS, which doesn't do the equivalent well at all, but *does*
> have seven years of maintenance. If we were going to do it, I'd
> probably go Debian plus hand-installed binaries. But RHEL/CentOS is
> easier on this score.)
> Debian famously manages dist-upgrades flawlessly. What are they doing
> that we aren't?

Three years of testing before managing to get a release out the door?  I
know it's been better than that recently, but I gave up on Debian when
Sarge took forever.

I can't imagine CentOS being an improvement.  I maintain one CentOS system,
it's still at version 4, because nobody has the time to do an upgrade. 
Perhaps if I was more familiar with CentOS it would be less intimidating,
but I _know_ I could get it done with Ubuntu faster.  And 7 years of
support isn't much help when you need the advances that everybody else had
five years ago.

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