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Wed Jan 14 12:10:45 GMT 2009

2009/1/14 Florian Diesch <diesch at>:
> "Liam Proven" <lproven at> wrote:
>> I don't much like Evolution as an email client, but I can't simply
> "Evolution provides integrated mail, addressbook and calendaring
> functionality to users of the GNOME desktop."
>> remove it all, because components ranging as deep as the GNOME Panel
>> itself depend on it. Why? I can understand why one or 2 components
> The GNOME panel depends on some libs like and
> as the clock applet needs the calendaring
> functionality of Evolution.
> But you can remove the package evolution that contains the email
> client.

Yes, I know. I do this sometimes if I am pushed for space on / (e.g.
when it is a 4GB SSD), or sometimes if Evolution annoys me by
launching when I do something. (My email client of choice is
Thunderbird and has been since v1.0).

What I am questioning is the wisdom of tying a desktop to a mail
program. That seems very unwise and unnecessary to me.

>> Yet, on the other hand, I've just been installing an Asus Eee 900 for
>> a friend. I installed Xubuntu, as it's rather lighter-weight than
>> full-on Ubuntu and he will never need the full desktop. Then I added
>> all the restricted components - and there's another thing, which I'll
>> get back to - and checked them out. All fine.
>> Finally I added the Netbook Remix launcher.
>> But no, it doesn't work. This iconic launcher had no icons and no menu
>> bar. Why? Because it uses GNOME for them. But does it depend on GNOME?
>> No.
>> So what is going on? Why does a shell that needs GNOME and GNOME
>> components such as the go-home panel applet and maximus and so on
>> *not* depend on GNOME, whereas I can't remove an email client I don't
> They both depend on some GNOME libs. I don't use any of them but I
> guess they are *usable* without the full GNOME environment. If they
> lack major functionality without some other packages they should at
> least recommend or suggest that packages. If that's not the case that
> may be worth a bug report.

Not a bad idea, that. Thanks.

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