[Fwd: Re: [Bug 495391] [NEW] Not clear if CoC applies only to official Ubuntu Members or also to community in general]

Amedee Van Gasse (ub) amedee-ubuntu at amedee.be
Tue Dec 15 21:43:52 GMT 2009

On Tue, December 15, 2009 18:05, Avi Greenbury wrote:
> Amedee Van Gasse (ub) wrote:
>> I would like to share this with Cybe R. Wizard and all others who
>> think that the CoC does not apply to them. I'm sorry, but Mr.
>> Shuttleworth says that you are mistaken.
> I thought the more relevant 'bug' report that could have come out of
> the few threads about the CoC is the ambiguity as to exactly what
> constitutes the various 'member' badges, and the distinctions between
> them.
> Though given that this confusion only apparently affected four or five
> of us, I wonder if it's only those of us more prone to being pedantic
> that are affected by it.

I suggest that those four or five of us stop complaining and contribute to
the bug report. If they don't contribute, it can be seen as their
agreement with the current state of affairs, and then the bug report can
be closed.

And that's _me_ being pedantic.

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