Debian: contempt for "end user" values has to stop!"

Florian Diesch diesch at
Thu Aug 20 16:38:37 BST 2009

"Samuel Thurston, III" <sam.thurston at> writes:

> On 8/20/09, Derek Broughton <derek at> wrote:
>> Samuel Thurston, III wrote:
>>  > On Wed, Aug 19, 2009 at 8:42 AM, Ray Leventhal<ubuntu at> wrote:
>>  >
>>  >> The complaint that 'I'm not a developer, I can't do this' is hogwash.
>>  >
>>  > Is it? Do you think it's a good idea to have amateur coders
>>  > spitballing package fixes to get things done?
>> Absolutely.  They don't get "commit" access - somebody still has to check
>>  and then commit their patches.  Now, if he submits a fix, and the maintainer
>>  either ignores it or dismisses it derisively (both things do happen), _then_
>>  he has grounds for his complaint.
> I don't know if you read the linked flame in BTS from the blog post,
> but the maintainer's flame amounted to "don't crowd the BTS with stuff
> because I don't have time."  

I don't read "It would be nice if people who should know better didn't
clutter the BTS willfully opening duplicate bugs too ..."  that

I wouldn't call
<> a flame at all.
IMHO the maintainer is right here. It's not helpful to open a new bug if
you know that there already is another one about the same issue. And IMHO
reopening the bug after it has been closed because it is a duplicate and
the tone in <>
is rather impolite.

> Now, if the maintainer doesn't have time to mark bug reports as
> duplicates

He marked it as duplicate, but the reporter reopened it again.


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