Debian: contempt for "end user" values has to stop!"

Donn donn.ingle at
Thu Aug 20 16:06:44 BST 2009

On Thursday 20 August 2009 16:47:29 Samuel Thurston, III wrote:
> I'm not saying am's shouldn't try their hand at coding, but there's a
> difference between "good enough to use on your home system and maybe
> distribute from your homepage" and "good enough to include in a
> mainstream distro."
Actually, I was surprised to find that there is no such distinction. Perhaps my 
own case was a rare fluke, but my software was grabbed by a packager almost 
immediately. Before I knew it I could apt-get install the thing! 

I am no expert. I have no systems for quality checking or anything 
professional - heck, I don't even work in the software industry, so I don't 
know what goes into it. Perhaps the coders in Microsoft are just as 
disorganized and bewildered, I dunno.

All I have is code that runs seemingly without error (most of the time). This 
was also, seemingly, all it took to make it into Universe. 
(Maybe things get a lot tougher from there. :) )
I base my code on other code that is a total mystery to me. How *that* other 
code is written or quality controlled is also a mystery. I could find out, I 
guess, but I don't want to.

I have a feeling it's the same all the way down too. I reckon the kernel and 
the GNU chain are probably better controlled because they have been around for 
longer and were developed by pros (who are vastly smarter than I) but how many 
of the apps above that level are amateur "good enoughs"? Many I would think.


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