DeviceGuru's Open letter to Mark Shuttleworth

Conrad Knauer atheoi at
Sun Jan 20 03:11:57 GMT 2008

I note, via that a blogger has
posted an open letter to SABDFL

Dear Mark,

In order to maximize brand awareness, I recommend that you brand all
forms of Ubuntu (i.e. Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu, Edubuntu, etc.) as
various "Editions" of Ubuntu.

So, for example, you might end up with something along the lines of:

    * Ubuntu GNOME Edition (aka "Ubuntu")
    * Ubuntu KDE Edition
    * Ubuntu Xfce Edition
    * Ubuntu Educational Edition
    * Ubuntu Server Edition (as is)

I think it's critical to focus as much attention as possible on a
single brand, Ubuntu, to maximize its adoption and success. Given the
already fragmented nature of Linux, why fragment a specific
distribution unnecessarily?

It'd be great if I could finally be a Ubuntu user! I can't help it, I
just happen to prefer KDE over GNOME ;-) But I'd feel more part of the
Ubuntu community if the OS I run on the Black Tower was called Ubuntu.


I don't have a stong opinion on this, though I tend to lean more
towards the Tectonic POV, which is that "I don't see at as being
necessary - all the versions are already based around the Ubuntu name,
as are the logos based on the original Ubuntu theme with their own
distinctive flavour."

But I thought I'd post it here for comment.


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