Can D-Bus work across devices?

Dylan McCall dylanmccall at
Sat Jan 19 21:17:53 GMT 2008

Hi everybody!

It seems that the holy grail over the next few years is going to be
integration between handheld devices and "home base" computers. Linux
already has a great (though so far invisible) foothold, since Linux-based
platforms are often very similar regardless of what they are built for. For
example, it is amazing how much software there is on a device like the Nokia
N810 that I use routinely in Ubuntu! That is made quite easy thanks to a lot
of common libraries which are open and thus easily moved to anywhere, such
as the fantastic GUI toolkits (like GTK) that have become standard on Linux
desktops. Windows Mobile or the iPhone do not come anywhere close to the
portability of Linux software.

Another thing that particularly pleases me is D-Bus, which lets us integrate
applications in a way practically unparallelled by the competition.
(Granted, we can have a standard library for every task under the sun
instead, but having a few conventional messages that get bounced around with
D-Bus is much easier to implement).

Something I have been wondering about, though, is whether D-Bus's handiness
can be expanded beyond just the local computer. Will we some day see D-Bus
allowing us to transparently integrate devices linked via Bluetooth or that
are connected to the same LAN?
I realize there is some tricky stuff with channels for each user, but there
must be some brains pouring in to the idea.
Does this already exist, by chance?

-Dylan McCall
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