Starting a Ubuntu User's Group

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Sun Mar 11 20:41:53 GMT 2007

Michael T. Richter wrote:
>   So, my students are beginning to show an interest in Linux, seeing as 
> how I run it on the laptop I teach from.  As a result several of them 
> have downloaded and tried Ubuntu and several more are expressing 
> interest.  I'd like to foster this interest further as I lead them away 
> from the dark, desolate world of Java and ASP.NET.  As a result I'd like 
> to set up an Ubuntu User's Group.
> I've fired off an order to shipit for 300 Ubuntu CDs for my classes so I 
> can give them something tangible to start with.  After that....  Well, 
> not being user group material, I'm not actually sure what a user group 
> does.  Can anybody provide suggestions (or pointers to suggestions) for 
> activities and such that I could put my students through to pique 
> interest in Ubuntu (and the broader world of Linux/FOSS)?  Some points 
> to consider:
>     * university students studying software (Wuhan University
>       International Software School)
>     * I want to lead them away from the cloying world of Microsoft that
>       dominates this country
>     * these students aren't computer-newbies, but they are almost
>       universally UNIX-alike newbies
>     * most of them are 19-21 years old, but young for their age (typical
>       of Chinese students) 

In addition to the other responses - it seems to me there are two 
aspects of such a group.
One is an online or email list element, the other is a person to 
person exchange in a meeting.

The in person meetings may be happening socially for them anyway at 
present in college, with a greater intensity than monthly LUG meetings 
probably. The email list will be a method of more formally maintaining 
contact, with the advantage of possible higher profile for their 

The email list may be part of the LUG network possibly, or may be 
absorbed into it at some time when you can perhaps, (if it is 
initially created as an alien list).

The existing Ubuntu organisation structures are worth looking into, it 
is fairly well organised, and generous.

A wiki page can presumably be created almost ad hoc (?)

IRC channels are used a lot, also.

Well done, and good luck!

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