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ac "aec$news" at
Wed Jan 31 00:51:41 GMT 2007

Mario Vukelic wrote:
> On Tue, 2007-01-30 at 20:41 +0000, David M wrote:
>> So, I thought, I'll just head over to and search for
>> 'Flash'.
>> No relevant results, no joy. :-(
>> Many newbies would even give up at that point, I fear.
>> I'll persevere.. 
> I guess you are making a valid point in general, however it is always a
> bad idea to _assume_ what a newbie would be doing. If you want to learn
> about their behavior in order to improve the software for their needs it
> is always better to _observe_ them. Who knows a newbie might have opened
> System -> Help -> System Documentation and searched for "flash" which
> would have brought her to the concise explanation of who to get it to
> work. Or she might have chosen to go to System -> Help -> Online
> Documentation -> Internet Browsing, and again found a concise
> explanation.
> Ubuntu newbies who otherwise are not computer newbies anymore might
> behave as you described and head to straight away, but surely
> not all. I haven't observed real computer beginners myself, but I _hope_
> they have the sense to look into "Help"

most ordinary users (of windows) would not be using any help files, 
they will ask someone.

I am not a newbie, but I am still an experienced beginner, minimal use 
of cl. The ubuntu site is vast and can be rather confusing, although I 
use the forum with good effect. The wiki is still mostly a mystery to 
me, although I use links to certain places on it. I am not 
complaining,  just saying that there are a multitude of different 
levels of users to cater for.

this is particularly topical now that I think ther eis increasing 
interest in linux.

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