does Ubuntu get the enterprise?

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On 1/26/07, John McCabe-Dansted <gmatht at> wrote:
> On 1/26/07, Jerry Haltom <wasabi at> wrote:
> > As a note of clarification, I *also* agree with what Michael Ricter said
> > on this thread about raising the price contributing to sales. There is a
> > psychological factor to be considered.
> Yep, lets make Ubuntu a *hundred* times more expensive ;P

There is another psychological factor other than raising price, that is
Reputation of humbleness, humility and honesty drives people of using the

One example is Google, it's not clear how it spreads out, but it spreads out
by word of mouth by people who trust it's service. We rarely saw Google on
TV ads, and we rarely saw itself being advertised on big banners on the net,
but we know it's there and it's omnipresent.

Google is free service, and it doesn't have the expensive psychological
factor, but it's a very successful company.

Ubuntu on the other hand is comparable to Google in operating systems. it's
free, and people have the freedom to use it, freely without barriers of
paying for it. Ubuntu doesn't have that much advertising like Novell and
Redhat, but it spreads to people, by word of mouth of people who trust in
using it.


You can charge big bucks to lure in the CEO's, but I think no cost is
> also an important niche. If you are IT manager without a discretionary
> budget and you have the choice between a decent free product, and
> another product the purchase order for which will sit in the accounts
> department for several months, which would you choose?
> Canonical would prefer to have the ear of the people willing to spend
> the big bucks, but given that this niche is already populated, hoping
> that some under funded IT department get more money and spend some of
> it on support contracts for their existing infrastructure is a viable
> strategy.
> > I disagree that the psychological factor is a main factor to be
> > considered this early in the game. It may be later, when we can in fact
> > compete on TCO in enough spaces to challenge the dominate player.
> Free CDs is at least one way of getting mind share while waiting for
> that time :)
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