ServerPronto issues (was: Virtual private servers. Cost effective?)

Shot (Piotr Szotkowski) shot at
Thu Jan 4 23:59:45 GMT 2007

Matthew East:

> Although the OP was asking about virtual servers

True. Still, a reasonable VPS usually costs
the same as ServerPronto’s Starter ($30/month).

> my experience with serverpronto has also been good -
> and much of runs happily on one of Canonical's rented
> servers with them.

Do you know whether they offer any sane Ubuntu version pre-installed
yet? When I installed, I ended up with a bit-modified-here-and-there

> However, beware: we haven't been able to dist-upgrade since Breezy
> because of some kind of kernel bug with their network cards.

Ah, so the bug is with the network cards, and that’s why Breezy’s kernel
is the last one that boots my machine. Still, Dapper seems to work
pretty well with it.

> For my personal use, a dedicated server is serious overkill,
> so managed hosting was the way forward, much cheaper.

I wanted a toy server to learn Linux administration,
and started with Linode, then moved to ServerPronto.

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