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Tue Feb 27 04:04:16 GMT 2007

On 26/02/07, NoOp <glgxg at> wrote:
> On 02/26/2007 04:13 PM, Eric Dunbar wrote:
> >
> > Ouch. Make one little suggestion that a FL/OSS app doesn't work as
> > well as a closed source app and some people are all over it ;-). Ah
> > well, c'est la vie.
> >
> Well I'm certainly confused... (won't be the first time); I hadn't used
> Word in quite some time, but brought it up & opened a doc with graphics.
> To "crop" the graphic I did the following:
> - Right click on the graphic
> - Selected Format Picture Object
> - Select the "Picture" tab
> - Looked at the 4 crop selections w/no graphic preview
> - Made a WAG as to what dimensions I wanted the graphic to be cropped to
> - selected 0.5" for all & clicked OK.
> Nope... that wasn't what I wanted; undo, repeat above & guess again.
> Opened the *same* document in OOo 2.1 and did the following:
> - Right click on the graphic
> - Selected Picture
> - Select the "Crop" tab
> - Looked at the 4 crop selections *with* graphic preview
> - Adjusted the 4 (top bottom left right) dimensions while looking at the
> preview & outline of where the crop was to end up.
> - Clicked OK
> Done.
> Perhaps it's because my version of MS Word is '97?
> c'est la vie

I'll add a few tasks and still get done in fewer steps AND have a more
refined finished product ;-):

1. New document (command-N; single key stroke)
2. Drag and drop PDF file from desktop onto window (single click and drag)
3. Click on crop button that's on the 'formatting palette' (single
click; right-click? Why add unnecessary and complicated steps to a
work flow?)
4. Adjust crop of PDF image USING MOUSE, in real time -- no preview
GUESSING necessary given that I can work at 100% (as many clicks as
are needed to adjust image)
5. Click Save.

Anyway, now that we're done having our pissing contest: yes, it
probably is because you're using Word 97 (though, I thought the crop
functionality was decent back then too... have to see if I can find a
Word 97 to play with). In recent memory, though, I can't remember
having problems with crop in Word (many other picture related issues
though ;-).

If you want a REAL program, mind you, check out Pages. Hands down the
best way to make good looking documents. Requires you to get out of
the Word (and clones <ahem ;-)>) mode of thinking though.

Seriously, Word sucks for a lot of picture managing operations (images
staying put or moving the way you want, anyone) but crop ain't one of

Plus, if you (I'm talking generic you) want to see bad photo handling
-- look at PowerPoint. It beats Word hands down (I don't often see
Word produce big docs). I don't know how it's possible to make a 50 MB
.ppt with only a handful of slides, but I've seen it done MANY times
(probably that easy crop feature (I say only half jokingly :-))!

Again, nothing beats Keynote (also an iWork app) for presentation
software (if you want to see what PPT and Impress should be,
check it out). The transitions actually work, the product _looks_ good
and the presentation is incredibly smooth.

Anyway, lots of fun having a pissing contest but I'm running out of
beer in my bladder.

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