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On Fri, 9 Feb 2007, "Eric Dunbar" <eric.dunbar at> wrote:
> Though, if you want to be picky, the GNU licence is not "free" either.
> It doesn't allow you to do whatever you wish with it -- there are
> restrictions placed upon your use and distribution.

That's a matter of perspective.

BSD licences, for example, seem to take a 'freedom is anarchy' approach. You 
are free do do whatever you want with material placed under those licences, 
including changing the licence to something completely proprietary. I could 
take FreeBSD, rename it, call it something else, and close the source off 

The GNU licences, in contrast, are based on a belief that freedom should be 
protected, so that nobody can remove those same freedoms from others. It's 
somewhat akin to the philosophy that 'the price of freedom is eternal 

A developer is entitled to ensure that his/her code remains free, not only in 
its first degree of separation, but throughout its lifespan, regardless of 
alterations, combinations and forks.

"Our findings show that, in almost all the cases, a transition toward open 
source reports of savings on the long term - costs of ownership of the 
software products." - UNU-MERIT, "Study on the Economic impact of open source 
software on innovation and the competitiveness of the Information and 
Communication Technologies (ICT) sector in the EU", 2006
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