New Programs for Hardy?

Martin Pitt martin.pitt at
Sat Dec 8 09:56:04 GMT 2007


Joel Bryan Juliano [2007-12-08 13:42 +0800]:
> 1. Perforation changing 0 bits to lseek(2). (so they don't have a real
> and definite file size. ~2MB)

I'm afraid I don't understand that. Do you have a pointer to some

> 2. Kernel Modules Stripping. (not possible to remove every symbols,
> but it's possible to remove useless ones. ~30MB)

Hm, wow! (IANAKD, can't comment on this).

> 3. On-demand Language download. (remove all languages except EN & GB,
> but autodownload language on demand. ~160MB)

We do want to ship with the world's most common languages, and we
currently spend mabye 30 MB of CD size for that. It varies between
releases, we just fill up CDs with however many langpacks fit to fill
it up.

> 4. On-demand Fonts download. (remove all fonts associated with
> non-existing languages. ~90MB)

Ideally a default Ubuntu installation has all fonts to display
everything. We have to compromise a bit and move some out to
language-support, but recently we already cleaned up fonts, and I
don't think we ship 90 MB worth of (compressed) CD space.

> 5. Remove DiveIntoPython on default installation (~80MB)

This package needs 1 MB on the CD, not 80.

> 1. Change Rhythmbox to Banshee. (remove Sound Juicer and Serpentine,
> since all of those features are available in Banshee. ~30MB)

Hm, where do you take these numbers from? RB is 3.8 MB, banshee is 2
(again, compressed).  Removing Sound juicer and Serpentine would be
great, of course, RB now supports burning CDs; not sure about reading


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