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Scott geekboy at
Thu Oct 12 00:27:05 BST 2006

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", "Conrad Knauer spake thusy);:
> On 10/8/06, Scott <geekboy at> wrote:
>>> Running "gst-inspect lame" in a terminal will tell you all the options
>>> that the lame element accepts.
>> ~$ gst-inspect lame
>> bash: gst-inspect: command not found
>> ~$
> Install gstreamer-tools from universe :)

As I stated previously if there's a gstreamer package in the archive,
I've got it installed. :-)

I've figured out why I got the error message though.

The command isn't "gst-inspect lame". It's "gst-inspect-0.10 lame".

"locate" is a wonderful thing. :-)

> P.S. The search function on is very handy :-)

I start with  "apt-cache search gstreamer".  Or a search in Synaptic.

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