Freespire's Google ads: "What is Ubuntu Missing?"

Chanchao custom at
Fri Oct 6 04:18:47 BST 2006

On Thu, 2006-10-05 at 12:41 -0400, Shawn McMahon wrote:

> >   Yet it never happened, and now there's Freespire with others likely to 
> > follow suit.  (OpenSuse perhaps?) So how about it?  Let's do an 
> > 'enriched media edition' of Ubuntu.
> Different projects have different goals.  There's little reason to
> change your goals to match that of a different project

Sorry, I thought our goal was 'Linux for human beings'.   Human beings
listen to music and watch video.  And we know what the most common /
de-facto standard formats are for those. (And indeed we know what the
perfect-world standards for those are, and we also know the world isn't

I didn't check the website this week, but I'm pretty sure the mission
statement wasn't updated to 'Linux for FLOSS purists & command line


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