Ubuntu has nearly the same logo as the Microsoft Alumni Network

Jarrod Henry jarrodhenry at comcast.net
Thu Oct 5 04:14:43 BST 2006

Joel Bryan Juliano wrote:
> On the other hand, pressing charges is a bad move, it's expensive, and 
> MS doesn't worry about where to get the money to spend agains their 
> lawsuits. and it's the only way the proprietary corporation's model of 
> getting money nowadays.
> That is why "my face turns red and my hearts fly" with Open Source and 
> Free Software, Thanks for Creative Commons and GPL, lawsuits is 50% 
> out of the picture.

I've gotta agree with Joel here.

I have to wonder what kind of message Ubuntu, a distribution based on 
Free software and that beats the "freedom" drum would send if  they 
began to use the same tactics that the companies who distribute non-free 
software use.

I'd hope a "turn the other cheek due to our ethics" would be in play 
here.  The one thing I fear for Canonical / Ubuntu is that we become 
what we dislike.


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