Freespire's Google ads: "What is Ubuntu Missing?"

Peter Garrett peter.garrett at
Wed Oct 4 08:40:04 BST 2006

On Tue, 3 Oct 2006 18:54:05 -0400
"Eric Dunbar" <eric.dunbar at> wrote:

> But, anyway, that's not what the Ubuntu FUDers (who are unrelated to
> Canonical or Ubuntu... other than as users) are trying for -- they
> seem quite happy to distort and ignore (taking a page from the MS
> playbook, it seems).

You seem to be quite talented in this direction yourself ;) Use of emotive
language, broad brush generalities, reference to companies with intent to

All in all, congratulations - you outdo MS and the people you call
distorters and ignorers , and you do it with linguistic panache !

A career as an IT commentator and analyst awaits you! "Carpe diem!"


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