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Vincent Trouilliez vincent.trouilliez at
Tue Nov 21 19:23:31 GMT 2006

Nagy Gábor <maillist at> wrote:
> The program is free.

Well, if it's free, why is there no obvious link on the page to
download the source code then ? I am confused...

> I hope, if you can use it, you will like it.

Hm, not sure... I don't have huge collections of pictures, and I value
desktop integration a lot, and this program doesn't seem to integrate
to Gnome at all...
Still, the screenshots looked nice so I would at least have liked to
get it running, so I can test it if just for 5 minutes.

> Please help me to find the problem!
> Run it on a graphic terminal, and send me the message.

I have reinstalled my system today, dunno what that changed, but the
error is not the same anymore. It used to be a segfault, but now it
seems to be a missing file instead:

$:~/Desktop/ng-xim.tar.gz_FILES $ ./ng-xim
./ng-xim: error while loading shared libraries:
cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

I searched the Ubuntu repo for this file, but couldn't find it.
If really you want Ubuntu users to test that program, at least make
sure it can run on it !

> Which linux distribution do you use?

I use Mandrake 9.2.  
Heaven forbid, of course I use Ubuntu ! That's an Ubuntu mailing list
that you posted to... have you realised ?! ;-)
More precisely, I am on vanilla (Gnome) Edgy.

> Is it a default installation?

Yep, a fresh install that's under 24 hours old, I haven't had much
chance to screw up the system just yet ;-)

> How many memory do you have?

I have 1.25GB, hope that's enough for a picture viewer ;-)


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