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Tue Nov 21 12:03:41 GMT 2006

Idézet Vincent Trouilliez 2006. november 20. 20.58 keltezésű leveléből:
> Nagy Gábor <maillist at> wrote:
> > See this:
> >
> > perhaps intrested
> Yes, I am interested in trying it out... but the program crashes
> instantly (segfaults) when I try to start it........
> I wanted to try and compile from source, since the provided binary
> wasn't explicitly supporting Dapper, but sadly I
> couldn't find the source code anywhere on the site.
> I hope it's not a proprietary program, otherwise I am not gonna use it !
> There are enough free picture viewer and managers out there not to
> resort to non-free stuff for that kind of software...
> --
> Vince
Thank you for trying it.
The program is free. Ther are many free picture viewers indeed, but this 
program has very helpful features to manage big picture collections. I hope, 
if you can use it, you will like it. 
Please help me to find the problem!
Run it on a graphic terminal, and send me the message.
Which linux distribution do you use? Is it a default installation?
How many memory do you have?

Gabor Nagy

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