[GNU/FSF Press] Press release: FSF announces release of gNewSense 1.0

Richard Johnson nixternal at ubuntu.com
Sat Nov 4 03:03:33 GMT 2006

Good Deal!

I think it is great that someone took the initiative to hit a niche that is 
occuring in the open source community. There are still quite a few of the old 
school hackers are all for the FSF and this is great.

Anyone who creates a distro, it more than likely targets a niche, and that is 
needed in the open source community. Freedom is the reason we have so many 
distros to choose from, and thank God that is one of my freedoms.

To those of you who have nothing to do but "hate" a project just because it 
doesn't suit you, get a life, in a CoC kind of way! I am getting sick and 
tire, and personally burnt out on the opinions and rhetoric that many people 
enjoy spewing just because they don't agree with something. If you have an 
issue with Ubuntu, or gNewSense, then go elsewhere. I don't see anyone here 
hold you down making you use or read Ubuntu. Go make your own distribution to 
suit your needs, and stop disrespecting those who have gone ahead and 
fulfilled their niche.

I know some of the devs on gNewSense, and as a matter of fact, will be hanging 
out with Richard Stallman tomorrow at IIT in Chicago. We may not all agree 
with his beliefs, but at least he has no problem expressing his beliefs and 
recruiting others that do. All I see around Linux and the rest of the IT 
world is seperation. This needs to stop.

</my rant, flame away if you wish, as I really don't care>

VIVA LINUX!!! whether it is Ubuntu, gNewSense, Ututo, Red Hat, or Microsoft 
SuSE ;)

.:Richard Johnson
.:nixternal at ubuntu.com
.:ubuntu.com .:kubuntu.com .:edubuntu.com .:xubuntu.com
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