Ubuntu mentioned on Slashdot article

Jonathan Jesse jjesse at iserv.net
Thu Jun 15 15:26:52 BST 2006

On Thursday 15 June 2006 10:34, webonomic wrote:
> Senectus . wrote:
> > On 15/06/06, Shawn McMahon <smcmahon at eiv.com> wrote:
> >> On Thu, Jun 15, 2006 at 06:35:27PM +0800, Senectus . said:
> >> > On a very basic level I understand that Australian economics will
> >> > become more robust if we don't outsource, our home grown skill sets
> >> > will improve and expand and this can be nothing but good.
> >>
> >> Except studies show you're wrong.
> >
> > Oh Puhlease.
> > The only thing definitive about these studies is that there is nothing
> > definitive about the results.
> >
> > NO ONE has the answers here.
> > Certainly no one HERE has the answers.
> True.  Everyone thought that the creation of the computer would put
> everyone out of a job.  Sure new technology has temporarily put many
> people out of work, but new jobs in other areas revealed themselves over
> time.  People develop new skillsets and offer new services and fill
> those new jobs.
> jared

I think this has moved on from talking about Slashdot and Ubuntu to 
discussions that are really not needed on this.  I have a feeling that if 
this thread is not stopped, it will never end and become a woodchuck rotting 
under the front porch.

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