Non-geeks writing about Ubuntu

Christian Jensen cj2003 at
Fri Jan 20 18:59:57 GMT 2006

A few days back there was a notice in here about 'normal' people 
referring to Ubuntu - well, I guess this is a good example: "

    Linux distribution suitable for human beings


"Once you're running Linux you'll sleep easy as you'll have the peace of 
mind that comes along with knowing that your soul is not in the clutches 
of a monopoly that seemingly continues to reign unchecked. You may 
suffer from some back problems after using Linux. That's because your 
wallet will be full of the $100 you didn't spend on Windows and the 
other $100 you didn't spend on Office. Not to worry, there is a 
treatment for this. As soon as is humanly possible you take that money 
out of your wallet and spend it directly on the vice of your choice. You 
should begin feeling the effects of this remedy immediately."

Best regards

Christian Jensen

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