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Wed Feb 22 18:20:09 GMT 2006

Ok, I've installed red hat and mandrake in the past, like last year and the year before, and always there is a problem with what I am about to describe:

1. I have windows xp (with the software from the factory restore disk)
2. I want to partition my HD so I can have linux & xp
3. I partition and install (whether through the linux software or manually)
4. windows is no longer accessible

Now, I want linux, I've destroyed my OS more than once to get it. Ubuntu live version has partitioning software that seems to show where the partition's data ends and free space 'begins', so I think i can just bring back the HD partition to the colored part. I dont want to backup my files either because it takes forever but also XP factory restore (which has extra software) would wipe out the linux install (i think)... so... basically, I want to keep my XP as is now, partition the drive, and install linux on it.

If I must, I am willing to back up my personal files, partition, install linux, then factory restore (if can) on the other partition.

Ok, i feel better.

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