Community Council meeting, Feb. 21 2006

Dennis Kaarsemaker dennis at
Wed Feb 22 17:52:33 GMT 2006

Greetings everyone in the Ubuntu community!

This week the Community Council meeting brought us news from the plains
of IRC, the hills of the wiki and the seas of the members.

* IRC operators
  Brian Burger suggested that #ubuntu needs more operators to increase 
  global coverage. Dennis Kaarsemaker suggested Paul O'Malley and Brian 
  Burger. Both suggestions were accepted by the Community Council. 
  Personal note: we still need some coverage in east Asia and 
  Australia. Poke  me (Seveas on Freenode) if you know possible 
* Wiki licensing
  The people who paid attention to my earlier mails will remember that
  there has been some discussion about licensing the wiki content. 
  Matthew East informed us that he finished writing the E-mail which 
  will be sent out to all wiki editors. After proofreading by, Colin, 
  Watson, and examination by other attendants, Matthew was given the 
  green light to coordinate further actions.

* BetterWikiDocs
  The BetterWikiDocs specification is still not finished. There was 
  some more discussion about it during the meeting but no decision has 
  been reached and the discussion will be continued via more 
  appropriate channels. There is a possibility that when the spec is
  finished, a separate server will be made available. But pending the 
  completion of the spec no decision was made here.
* New members
  Venkat "robotgeek" Raghaven has been active on IRC, in Kubuntu and on 
  the wiki and the docteam. This resulted in quite an impressive 
  cheerleading squad. The community council was impressed by both the 
  squad and the work, therefore robotgeek can now call himself a member.
  Timo "tepsipakki" Aaltonen had an even better cheerleading squad: the 
  CC members already knew him and worked with him. Needless to say that 
  he has been approved as member of the ever growing Ubuntu community.
  Sarah "Hobbsee" Hobbs has been active in the Kubuntu team and on the 
  #kubuntu IRC channels and is planning to dive into packaging. She has 
  been less active than the other two candidates but did more than 
  enough to qualify as a sustained and significant contribution.
  Welcome aboard Venkat, Timo and Sarah!

* Reaching the Community Council
  The members of the Community Council can now be reached via
  community-council AT The archives to this list are 
  private, and the only subscribers are the members of the council 
  (Mark Shuttleworth, Benjamin Hill, Colin Watson and James Troup). 
  This is the mail address to use when you want to contact the council 
  about sensitive matters. Don't abuse this address for other subjects.

The next meeting will be at March 7, 12:00 UTC

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