A switcher story: Ubuntu to Windows

Andrew Swinn andrew at swinndesign.com
Mon Aug 28 13:56:08 BST 2006

Conrad Knauer wrote:
> On 8/27/06, Daniel Robitaille <robitaille at ubuntu.com> wrote:
>> http://brentroos.com/2006/08/25/goodbye-ubuntu/
>> The reasons why that user switched back to Windows after trying Ubuntu
>> for 15 months.
> Actually, its the reasons why he stopped *dual-booting* after 15
> months. He was literally switching back to Windows every single day :)
> I wrote up a reply to his comments here:
> http://limulus.wordpress.com/2006/08/28/the-truth-about-ubuntu-dapper-drake-part-2/
> CK

The same as what I had thought. Your blog post sums it up very nicely
indeed. Well done.


Andrew Swinn

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